Welcome to the Crown Heights Sex Group Porn Company

Monday December 30.2013
Porn is  fun, legal and fast money.

Can't be scare to run trains on females with other guys.

How much money do you have in your pocket now? Do you want more?

What are we about?
Crown Heights Sex Group is a Production Company. We make videos for other  websites. Example: www.xtube.com, www.pornhub.com and www.aebn.net.

How many Years have we been doing this?
Crown Heights Sex Group have been in Business for 10 years going on 11.

What type of girls will you be fucking?

Here are some guys who signed up, and now fucking after they showed the C.E.O. they were down for whatever.

Are these girls clean?
There is no raw fucking. Condoms only.

What type of Body do you need to do porn?
You must have 1 of the 3 try of bodies.
  • Slim
  • Six Packs
  • 8 pack.
  • If you are stocky, you have to get a cute slim friend or friends to apply with you.

What do you need to apply?
You must  Have  Governmental  ID to apply. See examples below.
Examples: 1) State ID.  2) U.S.A. Passport. 3) New York State Benefit Card with Picture. 4) Green Card  

Dude with 2 forms of ID get  more   work then dudes with only 1 ID.
Examples: School Id, or another id with your name

Policy 1:1 Can 't be working no other jobs. I only want people who have no other jobs so I know they here for a  job only. When you working others jobs there is a conflict of time. We make videos 24/7.

POLICY 1:2 No second chances if you miss your job interview. To miss your interview shows you was never here for money. A person who needs money  don't blows a chance of missing a chance to make money.

Policy 1:3-  This must be dead serious to you.  If you got denied and you don't care mean you was never here for the right reason. We want dudes who will do what they have to do to get this job fucking on camera.

Policy 1:4. Main reason for your to be here is to explore your sexuality for money. You will get paid on your interview if you show the ceo you willing to try things your never did before. The more you willing to do the more you will get paid.

Policy:1.5 You have to meet the C.E.O first  for interview to take your nude pictures to be match with a female.

What type of guys should apply?

Crew motto: Head is head Anyone can suck your dick. Key word is anyone. You get paid letting anyone suck you off. Don't play stupid and don't act like you don't know what anyone means. If you not with that, you can't work here.

Dress Code: Naked with White socks. As soon as you walk in get naked. The C.E.O. will be naked also to make sure you have no issue being naked with other guys.

Cant be scare to be naked with other guys since you running trains on females.

Only reason to apply: Only reason to apply is to explore your sexuality for money. You not here because you think a girl is pretty. If you not here for a job only you will be kicked out.

The C.E.O. uses motels near the following Locations.

Bed Stuy Brooklyn: : Atlantic Motor Inn : A train Utica Ave. 1768 Atlantic Ave (between Schenectady Ave & Utica Ave..

Broadway Junction - J train  to Alabama Ave. (Imperial Hotel) 
2550 E. New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Crown Heights/East Flatbush- Motel 6:
 4 train to Utica  or Sutter and Rutland

599 Utica Ave Bet. Winthrop and Rutland Rd 

Brownsville Brooklyn/East New York: Americas Best Value Inn-Brooklyn/Linden Blvd L Train to New Lots Ave.

1705 Linden Boulevard.

15395 Rockaway Blvd. Jamaica NY 11434
15395 Rockaway Blvd
Sutphin Bl /Archer Av
5:43am - 5:55am (12 mins, 20 stops)
Rockaway Bl/136 Av


Dudes who have a free spot get picked by girls faster then dudes who don't have a free spot.

  • Must have a free crib in Brooklyn and Queens
  • You can use your friends house if he down to apply.
  • If you family is sleep, you can have the C.E.O. Do your interview at  your house.

    When you family is sleep, you can invite him to your crib and take your interview pictures if you don't be having a free crib.

Must meet the C.E.O. for a Job Interview. 

Step 1
:You meet the guys that owns the Company. The Crown heights sex group C.E.O.
 You hit him  up on tagged , text him or you hit him on Kik and tell him you want to meet him for  job interview so he can take your pictures to match you up with a female.  Be professional. Don't talk street to him since this is a job you applying for.
Times you can meet the Crown Heights Sex Group C.E.O.
Today in 1 to 2 hours after reading this website. He meet people 24 hours a day 7 days  A week.

How to reach the Crown Heights Sex Group?
Add him on tagged: http://www.tagged.com/ceo11233

Text him at: 917 318-7085( No Phone Calls)

What to say to apply ?
"Hello C.E.O. I would like to meet you today in 1 hour for an interview so you can take my nudes pictures and check my state ID

How to  do the interview at  your house?
"Hello C.E.O. Can  you come and interview me at my house? My address is________________ and my cell number is(  )  _______________________

Step 2: You  meet up and go see the C.E.O.  As soon as you come in, you change into the dress code. Naked  in white socks. The C.E.O will be naked in white socks to make sure you have no problems being naked with other guys. You show him you are down for whatever and take your pictures to be move on to  the sex try out.

Step 3: You must do a 3 part sex test. Get head for 20 mins,  fuck the ass for 20 mins, fuck pussy for 20 mins. See Examples below.

What goes on at your interview?

Taken Pictures to Match with a female.

The girls must pick you from your interview Pictures. Good  Pictures get you a good girl. Bad Pictures get you  a fat girl

Only Guys who pass Part 1 of the Interview will be set up to do Part 2.
Everyone Don't get Part 2.  You pass Part 1 when you show that you are down for whatever sexually and willing to chill with the crew on the regular.
Breakdown of the sex test
You meet your other teammate and you assign to fuck a girl who like your  updates pics. You can not be afraid to be nude with your other teammate if you are you can not do a train on a female. you will be tested  to see if you are. Once that is out the way and your cool as a team You will perform the follow: 

If you pass the interview and the CEO  showed the CEO you will be a serious member you have to do a 3 part sex test.

Second Interview/Sex Test.
Head Test.
You must be able to get head from 20 minutes  without nutting and then be able to move on to the ass test.

Head Test.
You must be able to get head from 20 minutes  without nutting and then be able to move on to the ass test.

Ass Test.
Everyone Knows ass is tighter then pussy so that make most guys bust fast. You must be able to fuck ass for about 20 minutes  and then move on to the fuck test.

Fucking Pussy- You must be able to fuck a girl in mad different directions.

Kik: ms_sutter_Ave Aka: Kiyah

Video of Kik: looking for new boy

Here are some of our videos.

He wanted some head so he met the  C.E.O. to be matched up.
Kik: ms_sutter_Ave X-Mas video

Kik: ms_sutter_Ave getting fucked by wrath

Kik: ms_sutter_Ave Aka: Kiyah sucking dick

Kik: ms_sutter_Ave Aka: Kiyah riding dick.

Kik: ms_sutter_ave Aka. Kiah 3 SomeVideo

He met the owner and did his interview so he could get paid doing videos. He don't want to work a normal 9 to 5 job.

Kik: ms_sutter_Ave Aka: Kiyah getting fuck part2


(Must meet the dude who own the company before you meet her)
Kik:Mschurchave taken a shower

Kik:Mschurchave sucking dick.

Kik:Mschurchave doing a 3 some

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